Acces from PC is fine but on phone I just see empty folders

I have no problem accessing files from PCs in our home network. This is done by mapping share to a drive. As recent as 2 months ago I could access it on our smartphones. But now all I see on our phones are empty folders. I have all folders set to public. I have updated the firmware to the latest version (v04.04.01-112). I am using windows 10 on the PCs and windows phones. Two phones are win 8.1 and the third is win 10. I hadn’t looked at the files using the phone since October. I need the phone service so I can exchange files with my wife when she is overseas on business. Seeing the folders but not the files suggests permissions of some kind. Any ideas? The phones are using WD 2go v

The Windows Phone app no longer works properly and is apparently no longer supported on the OS 3 firmware. Search this forum and you’ll find several threads on the issue. Here is one such thread.

Thanks for your reply. The helps solve the problem for my wife but not for me. I have a new win 10 phone which uses Edge as the browser, not IE. Wd2go is not compatible with edge. The phone app worked well for me. Why can’t they just fix it. It is not like they have to create it from scratch.

WD have apparently dropped support for Windows Mobile app with the OS3 firmware:

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Try installing Firefox or even Chrome if possible on the Windows 10 Phone. On a Windows 10 desktop I’ve dumped using Edge all together and use Firefox.