Is accessing MyCloud Via Webdav possible?

I guess this question could have been asked many times but I hope someone can provide me with an answer as I can’t find a thread with similar question. I realised a lot of mobile app such as note application has the capability to log in through webdav and host files under personal cloud. It would be good if MyCloud can facilitate this. Thanks.

Previously the web portal used WebDAV to access the My Cloud, but WD removed WebDAV from the web portal when they released the OS 3 firmware. Unofficially there might be ways to use WebDAV to access the My Cloud. See the following recent thread where WebDAV has been discussed:

I think it’s totally unacceptable that WD removed something that’s working fine for the customer and not keeping up with the time where mobile app are taking over convention desktop software. Thinking of Synology for substitution. Currently owner of 2 MyCloud drives.

When the remote drive mapping was removed by WD when they upgraded to the OS 3 firmware and revamped the (now web portal there were more than a few who were upset. Feel free to voice your complaint about the remote mapping being removed in the following Cloud Ideas thread:

As the link I posted previously indicates, one user is trying to enable or re-enable WebDAV for the My Cloud. But it won’t be an official solution that is supported by WD.