WD 10EARS caviar green

hello , what is normaly operating work TEMPERATURE at HDD WD10EARS , 64 mB BUFFER ?

This drive can work in temperatures from 0 C to 60 C or if you prefer the information, in English system :

32 F to 140 F

If I were you, I would keep any drive under 50C. I use fans and or heat sink assembly if drive is getting unusually hot. Keep in mind that if a drive getting very hot all over sudden, (trough normal use) it could well be an indication of an imminent drive failure.

Thanks but I meant at ambient temperature but the temperature that is normal to warm the HDD, so until the temperature is normal to warm the HDD?

Can you rephrase your question? I don’t understand what you mean.

what is normal temperature in full load , maximum temperature , i don’t refer to ambiant temperature!

my HDD in full load is 40 Celsius, it is normal?

This is entirely dependent upon drive specifications. Operating temperature varies on model to model. 40C is well within safe range. (Ambient @ 28-30) I have a Fujitsu notebook drive continually showing 50C and still working fine. Touch wood! As long as the drive temperature (full load) stays bellow 48C is safe.