Watching movies from my WD Passport

I just purchased my WD Passport for the purpose of vacation to allow my family to connect to it and watch movies during the travel. I have the movies loaded to the drive. I loaded the cloud app to my samsung s8 and and will not load the movie. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Not enough info in your post.
Are you sure the mobile device is connected to the MPW wifi signal?
Does the My Cloud app see the movie files?
Are the videos protected videos such as those from iTunes?
Are they compatible files such as mp4 files?
Are you getting any error messages?
Go to WD Support for the MPWP and watch tutorial videos.
If still having issues contact WD support via phone.

Sorry for lack of information. We r connecting to the drive through wifi but it isn’t connected to the internet, I don’t know if that makes a difference. We are using mkv files and a few mp4 files. Yes, I can see the files through the My Cloud app. No, they are not protected. Yes, i am getting the error message of just saying: there was an error loading your file. I do not have any idea what mpw wifi signal is. Now here is the kicker. My son tried it on his phone which is a samsung S6 and had no issues and was able to view the movie. And even if we connect a drive directly to the phones we can watch the movies. I just wanted to try to rather than everyone having their own individual drive with only a few movies on them. .

Thank you for your help.

Thanks for more info. It is apparent you know very little about the operation of your new device, so I refer you to the complete user manual either on the MPW drive or you can download it from WD Support

I do not have unlimited time to help you much more other than how to help yourself, above, and give you some pointers here bejow…

It appears you are using the MPW as being connected to your home network which is good from home, but when away from the home network, you need to connect mobile devices directly to the MPW internal wifi which is called most likely My Passport in your list of wifi connections.

I never put MKV files on my MPW, they are gigantic compared to mp4 files (6 GB vs 2GB) and all my movie files have been converted (by using Handbrake program) to mp4 for storage on my MPW. I don’t even know if MPW app can play MKV files. A program/app that likely can is the VLC for mobile devices is a good media player you can install on mobile devices and use to play media from the MPW, so try that.

You have a steep learning curve ahead. Good luck getting all set up.

I would say thank you but I don’t think that I will for your response was not very kind. You are right, I do not have a lot of knowledge and you are are wrong because I did read the manual. But for someone that does not understand what they are reading it is the same as reading it in a different language. So this is the reason I am on here asking for help and or advice, not criticism for not being an expert or know these terms and you still didn’t explain what mpw was. I do use handbrake for that is how I got the files digitally.

What a reply! I did not insult you by inferring you were stupid because you did not understand your device, I merely stated you did not understand your MPW (My Passport Wireless) well and told you about the manual. I DID tell you what the MPW wifi signal was!

Last advice: Call WD Support, they have the time to hold your hand and walk you through every step, because that is what you need right now if you want to get through this setup…

i use media players they seem to do the job, play all sorts of formats. there is some good ones out now.

mt problem is i have been doing this for a while now with no problems. just now though my 500g Toshiba portable hdd is having some trouble. it will start playing a movie tv show what eva but then 30min into the flick it will just freeze. Now its easy to watch all latest movies & TV Shows for free on MediaBox HD app.