Warning codes used by WD My Cloud Mirror

I have been running some backups from a local WD My Cloud Mirror to a remote WD My Cloud Mirror and used to Remote Safety Backup function that is accessible from the dashboard.
Some of these backups had failed and indicated various Warning Codes, anyone that knows what each of the following means and what the problem is?

Warning codes:

I think I also received warning 1200 but did not save the error message so I can’t verify that.

After some trouble shooting I found out that the remote disk was full. Anyhow, it would be helpful with a listing of the error codes.


Here are the error codes mentioned.

“1400” “Remote Backup error”
“2402” “Remote Backup success”
“1200” “Unsupported Drive”

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Is there a full list with all codes available?

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I am trying to delete some files and am getting an error code 400034 and the message 'Path is not a file"
This is just one of a host if issues I am having with My Cloud which is soon to be obsolete…

I have exactly the same issue. Anyone got a thought?