Power loss detected code 1022

I have been having a “power loss detected code 1022” warning notification all the time for almost a year now (or longer). I just replaced the power adapter (obtained from WD) but today I still am receiving the warning message. While trying to fix, I even plugged the adapter into the wall outlet (no power surge protection) but that did not help either. The new adapter is plugged into the surge protector. Has anyone figured out this problem?

Just in case it’s relevant, these are new and not simply repeating notifications are they as discussed in this thread – Repeat notifications (Same notifications every day for weeks)

I don’t understand why I received a reply that had nothing to do with my question. Please explain.

Perhap you didn’t notice - “Just in case it’s relevant

I took it that you were talking about receiving unwanted repeated notifications. Obviously I misunderstood. Sorry.

This message My Cloud Mirror keeps sending me is making me crazy. I just tried to ask WD directly again and the “Contact WD” took my input but then said it was down. I would love to find a solution to stop getting this message. I went from Windows 7 to 10 last year, but I don’t think I started getting these messages until many months later. I just don’t want the Cloud Mirror to crash and burn!