Repeat notifications (Same notifications every day for weeks)

Every day my WD App Manager notifies me about events that I have acknowledged. It eventually gives up, because the messages that originally haunted the notification board are no longer there. But, the current messages have been there for 9 days. When I clear the list it gives me the standard warning that notifications that continue to appear in the settings/dashboard will continue to be shown. The problem is that they never show up under the little bell icon in the dashboard.

I also checked the Windows MyCloud App and tried logging on through the web portal to see if there was somewhere I hadn’t checked for a place to remove these notifications. I have my notifications set to Critical Only. (And no matter what my drive thinks, the fact that it was 0 minutes, 189 minutes, 243 minutes, or any other length of time spent rebuilding the RAID volume almost 10 days ago, those are not critical notifications. Not to mention the fact that once I have acknowledged a problem, it is probably not critical anymore - I am aware of it)

Computer - Dell Vostro 270s desktop
O/S - 64 bit Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview Build 14291 (issue has remained through all update cycles
RAM - 16GB
Processor - Intel I5-3450S
Local Drives
*** C: 120GB SSD (27% free space (Disk 0))**
*** M: 195GB HDD partition NTFS (98% free space (Disk 1))**
*** P: 195GB HDD partition NTFS (88% free space (Disk 1))**
*** S: 1397GB HDD partition NTFS (98% free space (Disk 2))**
Wired and Wireless connection available/active
MyCloudMirror Firmware 2.11.133
(More information available if needed, let me know)

And the notifications don’t come back at a specific time, once daily, in the time it took me to write this they returned to my App Manager. Any advice would be appreciated. I work on a lot of computers - translation - I am not naive enough to think that it is impossible that I missed an easy solution. It happens all the time. So far, between Google and the forum, I have not been able to come up with any solutions. Thanks


Hey There,
I have the same problem; running Windows 10 and getting old messages (from last year) reappear for ever…
Of course I clear them away on the WD Mycloud device itself but that does not help.

Best Regards,

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Having the same problem. Searching for solutions.

Hi there.

I know this is an older thread but I too am experiencing the same problem and was wondering if anyone has managed to resolve the issue?.

The notifications I receive in the ‘WD Access Application’ (from system tray - Windows 10) are always the wrong date too.(usually 36 hour old notifications). All my computers on the network, the network switches and my routers time, time zone and dates are all set correctly.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Same issue here, about system restore. If I delete the notifications I just make them appear sooner…

I have the same problem, does anyone found a solution

Encountering this problem now as well. All updates to this date (July 2019) in place, but still have this problem.

How to fix?

I had the same problem and only way I found to stop it was to ‘hit’ clear all.

Yes, that works fine for the session you have open. But the next day all of the same notifications return and are listed again.
If the device is up to date - there should be no notifications.
I wish WD would fix this once and for all.

Just in case it’s relevant - I have firmware version 2.31.174 running on mine and I cleared all alerts using the MCM dashboard. When I now look at alerts I see “There are no alerts found.”