Video flickers then does completely

Hi There,

I am new to the forum. I have had my TV Live Plus for about a month and it has been briliant - until now. At first due to the forum posts I thought it was just certain files but now I have proven otherwise. 

The situation is this:

Two days ago in mid-playback of avi file, the video completely stops being sent to the TV but the audio works and continues to play.

I turned the box off and on, the logo won’t appear and it seems the whole box is not sending video.

I did the same thing but waited before turning it on and ditto.

I then unplugged it and waited then replugged it in and it works again. This lasted a day and then the same thing happened yesterday. It happened again today and I thought maybe it was overheating so I moved it completely outside the place where the DVD player, receiver, etc. are. No change. Now it does this thing where the video fickers with horizontal lines for a bit then it goes black. Sometimes if I let it play then it comes back and then goes away again, etc. All the while the audio keeps playing. OK, those were two avi files. I then played a tried and tested, on the TV Live, mkv file. Same thing happened.

Lastly, this is now happening in the WD menu with nothing playing. Therefore it is not a file doing this. I have not upgraded the firmware yet as this was working fine for a month. I think it’s a fault in the box. Do you guys/gals agree?

Thanks for the help,


Either the box or ANYTHING in the signal path…  Bad HDMI cables or ports, etc…