Background Flashing

Hello,  My first message here and I only hope this is in the right section so here goes :

As my WD TV Live unit fires up I get some Pink flashing across my TV screen and then when I get my listing of movies that are on the portable hard drive attached to the WD TV Live and I select a movie to watch it starts up and runs fine except that flashing continue’s to flash behind the movie and can be seen every 30secs or so … you get use to it after a while but is it something anyone else has experienced and is there anything I can do to fix it or do I just live with it ?

Thanks very much for any help offered,


How is your Live connected to your TV?  Composite / Component / HDMI?

An off-color flash indicates to me that it’s component video and one of the leads is intermittent.

I have just hooked up my WD live using HDMI when I go through my Yamaha HTR 3063 receiver I get red horizontal lines across the screen and when i play a movie I get pink distortion on the screen. I have updated the firm ware on the WD. when i direct to the TV by HDMI the problem goes away. Any idea where the compatability problem is? 

Hi Tony and thanks so much for your input but I’ve solved my problem … btw I was connected to the TV via HDMI but I was also using a Digital Audio Cable to get my sound to my Home Theatre and now I have changed that connection to Component Cable just for Left and Right Audio and this appears to have stopped ALL the intermittent flashing :slight_smile:

It’s almost like the light diode within the Digital Cable was interferring … I’m no tech but that’s my best guess :slight_smile:

Cheers and thanks again, Rob1943