Using WD Passport in Windows 10 and 11

My WD Passport works fine in Windows 10 but the Unlock.exe file fails to open the drive in Windows 11. There is no alert as to why only a sound alert. Nothing visual.
I installed WD Drive Utilities and opened the drive successfully using the password and accessed the data. I have run the tests and are all fine. When I try the unlock.exe file it still fails to open the GUI.

I have try to use WD Discovery to unlock your drive on Windows 11?

Yes I did try it and it cannot discover the drive although using the utilities software it does and offers the password to input and it opens the drive. Using the unlock.exe on the drive fails to open it still.

unlock.exe on the drive might be older version and not compatible with Windows 11. I wonder why WD Discovery not able to see the drive or not able to unlock the drive. Check if your Discovery is up to date. But I guess at least you able to use Utilities to unlock your drive.