Using My Passport and SmartWare to transfer all files to new computer

I’m trying to transfer all my data to my new computer. Sorry if this is covered somewhere already, but I didn’t see it anywhere in the knowledge base.

I use WD SmartWare to backup on My Passport. When I plug the WD My Passport into my new computer, it says the amount is MUCH bigger than the last backup on my old computer.

More specifically, according to WD SmartWare, my last backup on my old computer was 94,320 Files or 579.69 GB.

Inline image

When I plug the WD My Passport into my new computer, select the drive and Retrieve ALL Files, under Data To Retrieve it counts up 142,647 Files or 727.00 GB.

Inline image

I understand that maybe some files are larger when retrieving them (because they are extracted?) but that is a huge difference in both the number of files and amount of GB.

2/ If I plug the WD My Passport into my new computer, select the drive, Retrieve Some Files and then tick the box for myself under users, it counts up 138,091 Files or 724.97 GB (close to the above).

Inline image

But when I use Windows Explorer and look at Properties of that same set of folders, it indicates only 103,135 Files and 406.00 GB.

You can also see that my old computer hard drive has 466 GB free of 920 GB. Which means 454 GB used (920-466 = 454). That is even smaller than the 579.69 GB indicated by SmartWare as the size of the backup from my old computer.

Inline image

3/ Also, as you can see below, when I click Retrieve Some Files it shows a line through every file, as if it is a deleted file. Even recent files that I am sure are not deleted on my old computer or WD My Passport. Why would this be?

Inline image

I hope you can help me! I am concerned that if I just continue and retrieve all those files it will fill up my new computer hard drive, with who knows what.