Using Passport to transfer files, settings

I have a Passport 500 gig HD that I am using with WD Smartware. I’ve ordered a new computer and would like to use the Passport to transfer files and settings from my existing PC  to the new computer.

How do I do this? I tried startining the Windows Easy Transfer Wizard on my old pc, but it appears to be trying to transfer both the backup volume created by Smartware as well as all of my files and settings. I would assume this will lead to duplication of files when I transfer to the new PC.

If I simply plug the Passport into the new PC, will Smartware transfer the backed up data from my old PC to a folder on the new PC?

Or is the logical step simply to format the Passport drive, then run the Transfer Wizard?

I think Smartware will be a problem. It uses it’s own method on what it backs up. I’d do some searching on windows transfer wizard I think that would work better for what you want.


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