Need to restore files to a new computer

I have a Passport Essentials drive and  I used the WD SmartWare software on the drive to backup files from one computer. I now have problems on this computer with Explorer.exe and this computer won’t start properly. I wanted to restore my important files on another computer. When I plugged my Passport drive to this new computer and installer the WD SmartWare software. I can see that there are 16 Gb of files on the drive, but it won’t let me access them. If I view the contents of the drive, I see the folders with the SmartWare software and also a hidden folder called System. When I double click this folder, it gives a message that it is not accessible.

How can I access the 16 Gb of files that are on the Passport drive?

Thank you.

Inside the passport you will find a folder with the name smartware.swstor, if you explore that folder you should be able to find the files.


Thank you - That was the one folder I had missed when I checked the drive!.

Thanks again.

I am having serious issues with file permissions whwen I try to restore files.  Do I need to take ownership of each directory individually?