USING MY Cloud HOME Through Samsung Android FILE Manager

HOW TO USE MY WD My Cloud HOME Through Normal Samsung Android FILE Manager, like when using on windows 10

Hi @Jdsm,

Please refer to the article How To Manually Install My Cloud Home Android Mobile App:

For more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

your answer is not related to my question by any means

in windows 10 i use MCH from windows browser normally

i want to use MCH from my android device through the file browser

Hi @Jdsm
I don’t have a Android device but just a few thoughts.

Are you using the WD Discovery app on Windows? I suppose you do because you need that in order to use the device correctly. My Cloud Home is not a NAS but a cloud solution for home users. Therefore you need WD’s software on your PC or your mobile device to add and use files stored on MCH.

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This is a Samsung or Android support question. There are many free alternative Android file managers that can do the job of accessing the MCH.

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yes on my windows computer i have the WD discovery and on my android i have Wd my cloud home app

but in windows i can browse the content of MCH through windows file explorer and also through mycloud website

while in android i can only see the content through the app

i wish i can view it through android file explorer

can you please mention these alternatives and how to access MCH through them?

Yes. The WD software “creates” a drive which you subsequently can browse through file explorer.
I guess such a behaviour is forbidden on Android or iOS devices. That’s why you need their app. But maybe there are other apps that behave like a file explorer and allow to browse the content on the drive as well.

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yes that is exactly what i am looking for

There are two file systems on the MCH, one is the ‘Public’ LAN SMB and the other is the ‘private but online accessible’ KDDFS. Most Android file manager app can only see the SMB share, but some can run a FTP server on the Android and allow the Windows desktop to copy almost any files and folders en mass including the KDDFS to and from the Android mobile device using a free FTP client such as Filezilla on the PC.. KDDFS required WD Discovery to run on the PC or Mac.

Solid Explorer is one such file manager with most of the features free. File Manager plus can also do a lot of the same thing but has ads in the free version.

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so when using FTP , can you help me set up MCH , i am not that experience

Please download free Solid explorer and install on Android, then the free Filezilla from the link and install on PC. Start FTP server on Solid Explorer and you will see a ftp IP address such as with no user or password, note that down, the 9999 is the port address. Go to Filezilla on the PC and input that info and 'quick’connect. Choose and copy files or folders from one pane of the Filezilla file manager and paste to the destination with drag and drop or use the ‘transfer queue’ function. FileZilla is not strictly necessary because Windows File Explorer (and macos Finder) can ‘add a network location’ such as

and if the ftp server (Android phone in this instance) can be reached on the same subnet, the folders and files will be displayed in the file explorer.