How do I configure MyCloud

I’am new to wdc & would like to configure my device to run smoothly as well any ideas how to do it,
I installed software of wdc but don’t see the cloud in my device?

This is the My Cloud Home (MCH) forum and assuming you are in the correct forum and asking about MCH:
The cloud for the WD My Cloud Home is most easily accessed from the browser by going to mycloud dot com and sign in with your password to the MCH which you should have set up. If you have plugged in the MCH correctly into your LAN ports on your router or another switch connected to it, you will see your files as the picture shown below. From there you may want to install the Android or iPhone My Cloud Home app (make sure it is the ‘Home’ app) and you should be able to sync your phone pictures and videos with the MCH. There are also network shares and mapped drives to the MCH that you can see when you opened Windows Explorer or Mac Finder.

Hi There thanks for the response, I see am in the wrong forum, my mistake