Using My Book Live for a home network backup

I started by using WD Smartware but found the categories really annoying and then the system failed with the software update. This was my opportunity to change and so I did a factory reset. Somehow I have created two drive letters each containing exactly the same files. How can I get rid of one of the drive identities?

When I start using My Book Live for the backup will I create a User to contain the backup and then will it be possible to backup to a User that has been password protected? Has anyone any suggestions how best to use My Book Live for storing backup files?

For the first problem. ((( I’m a newbie so maybe you should double check this))) The one on the desktop I believe is a shortcut and just delete it.  The one under My Computer you can right click it and choose “Disconnect”. I read in Windows where Windows assigns network drive letters Z to A and internal drive letters A to Z. So I kept the Z. Again ask someone to verify this.

The second problem I don’t know, I’m just learning this stuff myself.

Just update the MBl to the newest firmware AND update smartware to the latest version.  It allows you to select files a and folders you want to back up.

So, just install smartware on each PC you want to back up, launch smartware on that PC, and select which files or folders you want it to monitor and back up, and then click start backup and never think about it again.

When I found categories such a nuisance I deleted Smartware. I now cannot update Smartware because it is no longer there. Di I need to compeletely remove everything from the My Book Live , do a factory reset , and then install the WD software all over again. It might be easier just to use third part backup software. What do you suggest?

here is the page with the recent version.  I assume you can do a full install with that file, but if not you’d have to install from the CD that came with your device and then run the update.

scroll down to the “download now” button.  You’ll there are a few pre-reqs listed there.