Backup Issues with My Book Live over Network

I have an interesting networking issue here. I currently have a My Book Live connected to a network through a switch. All the systems on the network (whether connected over Ethernet or Wifi) can detect the My Book Live on the network through Windows Explorer, and can access the device and view shares and files stored on it. Furthermore all computers can access the Dashboard and directly modify the settings of the My Book Live if desired (although none have actually made changes to these settings, aside from setting up user accounts and shares). The issue comes from not being able to utilize the WD Smartware software to enable back ups to be stored on the My Book Live over the network. It seems that this problem afflicts those connecting to the network over the Wifi. My system is actually connected via Ethernet through the same switch which the My Book Live is connected, which I believe may have some import. Because of this my system is able to use the WD Smartware to backup and retrieve files via the My Book Live. Thus I am wondering what needs to be done to allow the systems which connect to the network over Wifi use the WD Smartware for backups? I have attempted to connect the My Book Live directly to the router by effectively replacing the switch with the My Book Live (thus disconnecting my own PC from the network as I was connected through the switch). When doing this the other systems can still access the My Book Live over the network, but are still not able to use the WD Smartware to backup onto the device, as the WD Smartware does not appear to detect the drive (Ironically enough I am running the Setup.exe which is stored on the drive itself, and using the discovery method embedded in the setup which says it can’t find the drive… Gave me a few laughs, although not very merry ones.)

Any information would be much appreciated, I will also be posting this through the support forums to see if there is any community feedback.



Have you checked if there’s some internet security or firewall that might be causing this issue?

What OS do you have on the other computers?

The fact that the other computers are connecting to the router via wifi should have little or no impact on the backup performance.