Using a MY Book Duo 16b as a raid, how to separate the 2 drives?


I recently bought aMy Book Dou 16b to use a as a raid, the model below.

I reformatted for a MAC and then used disk utility to set as a raid.

In a perfect world, as I move info to this machine I want the info to go to each drive. I cant really tell if the raid I set up utilizes the 2 drives independently. I am using the main USB 3.0 connection, so it just shows as one drive.

Is there a way to make sure drive one is being mirrored on drive 2? or is this even possible?


I’d recommend installing WD Drive Utilities for RAID management. It will let you properly set the RAID profile and separate the two volumes if needed (JBOD). Bear in mins this will erase the drive.


Thank you for the help. This was the perfect answer. I was unaware of the WD utilities.

For others that come upon the same problem The WD utilities gave me a few raid options including just what I wanted. My 16TB machine now shows as a 8TB, and the 2 drives mirror each other.


Might help if WD Utilities worked with Sierra. I’ve absolutely no way of creating a a RAID 1 setup.