My Book Duo - Raid 1 setup

Hi all
I have just bought a My Book Duo to use with my Mac running High Sierra. I would like to set it up as a storage device running Raid 1. I have formatted it for Mac (Mac OS Extended (Journaled)) but have found that it is not recognised by the included software, WD Discovery so I have not been able to set it up using this. I have had no more luck using Disk Utility. Should this drive (which is connected via USB) be recognised by WD Discovery? If not how do I go about configuring it for Raid 1 in Disk Utility?
Many thanks

You need to use WD Drive Utilities to configure My Book Duo in RAID 1 (Mirror). You may refer below mentioned link to check RAID status and configure drive in RAID 1.

Thanks asp73
Unfortunately, WD Drive Utilities doesn’t seem to recognise the drive. It just says No USB device connected even when I disconnect the drive and connect it again.