WD MyBook Duo 12TB on MacOS Sierra not recognized by WD DriveUtilities


I just installed the WD Mybook Duo. My Mac (running Sierra) will detectd the drive, but I cannot see it in the drive utilities, hence there was no way to change the Raid configuration.

I then connected the drive to my Macbook and configured Raid 1.
Connecting it back to iMac with Sierra now shows a 6TB drive (which is correct), but since it is not recognized by the Drive Utilities, I am not sure if the Mac will actually perform the mirroring,

Any advice what I could do to get the Drive Utilities up and running or to check if Raid 1 actually works?

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Once you configure with RAID 1, the internal hardware of Mybook DUO will take care of RAID 1. It will mirror your data from one hard drive to the other. You only use WD Utilities configure the RAID, drive health check, format…

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that’s great, thanks