Formatting My Book Duo disks for OSX

I want to format the drives on an 8 TB My Book Duo for OSX. And I want to use the device in RAID 1 mode.

The instructions in Answer ID 3865 pertain to formatting a single disk. In Disk Utility the device shows up as a single 8 TB disk. I’m uncertain how to apply these instructions in this situation. It’s my understanding that the device comes set for RAID 0. When and how do I switch to RAID 1? I take it the two drives need to be partitioned and formatted identically for RAID 1. How do I that?

Help appreciated.

Hello there,

To change the RAID configuration of the unit, you can use the WD drive utilities for Mac.

At the top part you will see the option that says RAID management.

Thanks. I discovered that by coincidence early this morning–or rather, I should say it occurred to me to use it; I noticed it but bypassed it when I first started trying to figure out how to do it. I think it took me all of a minute from the moment I downloaded the utilities to make the change. So simple.