Switch MB Duo to RAID JBOD under El Capitan

I have a WD My Book Duo that I want to use in RAID JBOD mode, so the disk show up independently, and then reformat to HSF+. Unfortunately Apple has removed support for RAID from Disk Utility. Because the device is formatted for the Windows environment, the drive shows up as an empty drive with no access to software for configuring it.

Is there a way from within OS X that I can switch the drive from it’s current RAID 0 mode to RAID JBOD so the drives show up as independent drives?

I solved my own problem, and I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me at the beginning: Download disk utilities for the device for Mac. Click a radio button to select JBOD. The device is switched to JBOD mode and the drives are reformatted to HSF+. In less than a minute. So simple.


Thank for you for sharing the solution… Hopefully it will help other user with the same of similar issues.

You’re very welcome. It was my thought that others might find it helpful.

I did a lot of poking around in the User Manual, the support pages, and these forums. Never once was this simple and obvious solution suggested. It should be in the Manual.