User access will not take passwords - My Book World Edition

I have had my drive mapped and everything working for years now.  I have added a second machine to the network and mapped the same folders on that machine.  Now on my first machine the mapped folders no longer work and ask me for a User and Password.  Not a single User name or password work in the dialogue box.  I have even setup all of the folders as “public” and still nothing works.  

I’m using the WD discovery software

My set-up

My Book World Edition (white light) -WD10000H1NC - firmware is current - wired (network local) set up.

Machine 1: Vista - zero changes have been made (did work fine in the past not anymore)

Machine 2: Win 7 pro - mapped drive “folders” works just fine.

All users have admin rights and I do know all the passwords.

All systems, network, etc. Are up to date, current firmware.  

Any help anyone can provide would be great!!!

Someone e-mailed me a suggestion.  

Disconnect drives and use the new  **WD Link Software **to reconnect the drives.  It worked for my current session.


So that re-connected them but when I had to reboot, they all were unable to connect and required a password again.  

Anyone know what a solution is?

Tao926 wrote:

Anyone know what a solution is?

You might look around in the correct forum.

This forum is for the My Book Live.

The My Book World forum is here: