WD My Book Not able to access folders over the network

Issue: Not able to access Folders on My Book over the network. When i click on the shared mapped folder using my windows 7 computer, it just spins, not able to access folders. This happened right after i created a new user, in my WD My Book admin, called “Backup1”. At first i tried to create a user called Backup but i got an error. Then i successfully created a user called Backup1. BUT this must have jacked up the WD My Book. As soon as the user was created the entire drive became not accessible. So, i removed the user. That did not fix. I then made all the folders PUBLIC instead of private. That fixed the issue. I am now able to access the folders. BUT, the password feature no longer works on the drive. I will do a full back up and replace with a Buffalo NAS with Dual drive running raid 1.


Can you please share the model number of your drive?