Use VPN to connect My Cloud ex 2 ultra

Hello Community,

There is any solution to use a VPN on my cloud EX2 ultra ? I want to use a VPN to donwload torrent for exemple.

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Nord VPN recently published a workaround for their own customers. See if it would help with your provider:

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it works, thank you


But I just realized that the cloud is inaccessible via internet when connected to VPN ! too bad :sob:

To the best of my knowledge, it’s expected.

VPN providers block all ports and your NAS gets a temp IP. Basically, you belong to another Network when connected via VPN

When you use Transmission, it can never use an open port; because UPNP is disabled at VPN providers.

In short, we can’t stay connected to VPN 24x7.

i am interested in seeing if the ex2 ultra can be configured to have a vpn server, so that I can remote in from the outside world. if any apps out there exist that I can use with it or if I can ssh into it and configure a vpn server ?

not using for torrents, just want to ditch the connection with WD.

I don’t believe this is possible - that’s the limitation of using a “consumer friendly” NAS.

we do not have to use WD’s provided “vpn” service in order to access the device from the outside.

can also use the router it is connected to, to create a vpn server …

i will probably explore that option, to get my NAS off of WD’s grid.

Did you ever try this? I have the ex2 ultra as well.

Synology has VPN capabilities built in. I don’t know why WD doesn’t just throw us a bone. lol

don’t see an option for it in the dashboard.

don’t think it has the ability. my router has vpn capability so i open a tunnel to my home LAN that way.

From another post on this forum:

"Another way to get remote access to My Cloud is to use the Synology File Station package. An administrator can mount an external folder in the Synology NAS file system. The external folder can be, for example, \ This is user Tom’s folder on My Cloud. Content on Tom’s share can now be accessed on WAN via DS718+.
This solution does not require any special knowledge, and login from WAN uses the security built into Synology like account protection, automatic blocking, multi-step authentication, firewall, etc.
If you also want to move or copy files between My Cloud and Synology NAS, this method is very effective because the transfer goes more directly between the devices and not via a PC."

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