How to remotely access my files on EX2 ultra?

I need to access my files when I’m not home to continue working on it. My Cloud is not a viable solution because I need to download the files one by one and I’m a photographer so I need hundreds of Go and do not have the space nor the time to wait for the files to be downloaded.

I would like to access the files exactly like I would do on my network.
What can I do ?


WD solutions definitely are not the answer for serious remote access usage.

What you want is to establish a VPN connection to your home network.
Not the easiest thing to do. . .but once online - - you can access the drive just like you do at home.

Caution: In the US; you will still be subject to the paltry US typical data upload speeds; which are generally a small fraction of the advertised download speed. 100mbs down and 5mbs up is not uncommon.

Grossly Over Simplified Steps for VPN:

  • You want to have a VPN server runnng on your network.

  • I use “OpenVPN”. Believe it or not. . . my $50 router came with OpenVpn server loaded. . .my router is the VPN serer.

  • You need a compatible VPN client running on your remote PC.

  • You need the WAN address of your home network.

    • Unfortunately, the WAN address is usually assigned by your ISP and changes periodically
    • Fortunately, there are DDNS services which can map a domain name to your system. (Believe or not, my router manufacturer offers this for free. … … so “” will always be the address of my router
  • So - - you fire up the VPN client. . . .load in the VPN server WAN address. . . credentials. . . .baddabumbaddabing.

  • Note that if you are dialed into your home network this way, the DNS lookup of “Device name” to access your NAS won’t really work. . .you will have to use the IP address (i.e. 192.168.xx.xx)

There’s an app for that…