How to remotely access my files on EX2 ultra?

I need to access my files when I’m not home to continue working on it. My Cloud is not a viable solution because I need to download the files one by one and I’m a photographer so I need hundreds of Go and do not have the space nor the time to wait for the files to be downloaded.

I would like to access the files exactly like I would do on my network.
What can I do ?


WD solutions definitely are not the answer for serious remote access usage.

What you want is to establish a VPN connection to your home network.
Not the easiest thing to do. . .but once online - - you can access the drive just like you do at home.

Caution: In the US; you will still be subject to the paltry US typical data upload speeds; which are generally a small fraction of the advertised download speed. 100mbs down and 5mbs up is not uncommon.

Grossly Over Simplified Steps for VPN:

  • You want to have a VPN server runnng on your network.

  • I use “OpenVPN”. Believe it or not. . . my $50 router came with OpenVpn server loaded. . .my router is the VPN serer.

  • You need a compatible VPN client running on your remote PC.

  • You need the WAN address of your home network.

    • Unfortunately, the WAN address is usually assigned by your ISP and changes periodically
    • Fortunately, there are DDNS services which can map a domain name to your system. (Believe or not, my router manufacturer offers this for free. … … so “” will always be the address of my router
  • So - - you fire up the VPN client. . . .load in the VPN server WAN address. . . credentials. . . .baddabumbaddabing.

  • Note that if you are dialed into your home network this way, the DNS lookup of “Device name” to access your NAS won’t really work. . .you will have to use the IP address (i.e. 192.168.xx.xx)

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Actually you should be able to access the MyCloud (Ex2 Ultra in my case) through network. It works with public share for sure…still busy with WD support on the Private shares.

What to do?

Set static IP on MyCloud,
Create users and give them MyCloud logins (add user, go to Cloud Access, send request, create account, remember mailaddress and password)
Create a share give it public access.
Create DNS on your external IP (not required if you want to use a static WAN IP),
On your Windows/Mac machine, add network connection (\<WD share>) link it to the external IP or DNS.
Use the mailaddress and password on respective.
Painfully, I haven’t had it connected on private shares yet.