Use my WDMyCloud as SOURCE disk when backup my files

HI all, I have installed MyCloud and it works perfect. But when trying to set up a backup plan with a share on WDMyCloud as SOURCE disk and the same WDMyCloud as TARGET, I fail.

I have moved all system folders (like Documents, Favorites, Pictures, Videos, Music) to WDMyCloud and store no files on C:.

When configuring SmartWare Pro I can only see C: and DropBox as SOURCE disk. I have also an WDMyBookLive installed and I can see this and the WDMyCloud as TARGET disk only.

How can this be changed?

first a copy from one area to another is not a backup. a backup needs to be on a seperate device and ideally a copy in another location. if this is your full backup plan please reconsider this

i have not tried this but am not surprised as smartware is designed to backup a PC.

Hi. Yes You’re correct.

This is a crappy backup plan. But if it works my plan i to use my other NAS MyBookLive in the same network.

And yes one could belive that this is a normal setup hence WDMyCloud actually IS a cloud storage product.

But I still hope that it is my poor technical skills that is the problem  - rather than the software.

I use Category backup and here is what I have done. Did you choose the share from the drop down menu? See image below.

Then on the Backup tab back up that share only choosing what you want backed up from the Advanced View.

 You probably want to look at the SmartWare User Manual too, Backing Up Files for making changes to the choices shown as Backup Source.

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cat0w (USA)

Thx cat0w,

But If I’m not misunderstanding you are hosting your system folders on C: and therefore backing up files FROM your C: TO your MyCloud/Horace.

What I would like to do is backing up FROM MyCloud (where my system folders are located) - I have no files on C: - TO another NAS; e.g. MyBookLive.