USB3 port problem with WD My Book Essential USB 3.0 2TB

I have a  WD My Book Essential USB 3.0 2TB and so far it’s funtioning great. Works on all ports no problem.

But when i wanted to update the firmware on it it said that the drive was’t connected. Well WD Smart Ware sees it fine(more or less explain in a sec) and i have the ses drivers and everything is ok i can normally open the drive. But as i said the firmware updator displays yellow massage saying make sure only mouse keuboard and disk should be connected. Well thay are the only ones connected. So i though well maybe i should change the port so i changed it from a usb 3.0 port that has the ss (super speed) logo and supports the USAP(or something like that even though i think the hard drive does’t) to a regular usb 2.0 port and bam. Drive detected and updated successfully. Point to mention that when i turned my computer again with it conencted to usb 2 windows showed a message that this drive coud work faster if connected to a super speed usb 3 port. Also the wd smartware now(on usb 2.0) allows me to access the backup and retrieve tabs wheras on usb 3.0 they are darkened and im unable to click them. So my question is why is a usb 3.0 hard drive so limited by the port it was designed for? I cant update it or use it as a backup? Any fixes?



Did USB 3 come with the computer or is this an upgrade? You might try checking the PC or USB card maker’s site for updates.


Sorry for late response but have had a disk failure (funny enough one of disks was a 1tb internal wd one- rma that one ;p)

Yeah i assumed that it might be drivers but after updating them and everything else that was possible i now think it might be down to my controller or motherboard in general. I have a asus P8Z77-V PRO and i have the drive connected to a normal usb 3 port on the back of it. Was just wondering if other people have/had this problem.

Also for those who own this drive does the light on it’s front keep blinking on and off after pc has shutdown? Even after hours when it should have gone to sleep? It makes no sound so i guess it is sleeping but the blinking light is very annoying as i sleep in the same room and my bed is opposite my desk.