WD my book essential 2TB no longer working on USB 3

Had this drive for a couple of years and it worked fine on my internal usb 3 card.

I had a crash a while ago and had to wipe it and restore from a backup and ever since it will not load work on the usb 3 port - it does not show in file manager. Still works ok on usb 2 but too slow.

Just installed the latest firmware from the site and still not recognizing the drive on usb3 port.

Computer is acer desktop with w7 and 7870hd card.

Got the 

loaded and working but no usb3.

I admit to being stumped. Please help…


Did you try another cable?

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My cable is the same usb2/usb3 cable that came with the drive.

It works with that cable for usb2 but is not now working when plugged into the internal usb3 socket.

My WD Elements drive is working on one of the usb3 internal sockets.

Just tried the WD essential again on the usb3 socket but not working…

So, why has my book essential stopped working?

Can anyone explain…


Are you sure that the USB3 port is working?  I have a similar problem and am pretty sure that the USB3 card has died.  It was transfering data today at 12.6MB/sec whereas I can get 35 out of the USB2 connection.

I’m going to try connecting a USB2 drive to the USB3 card - if it won’t transfer at 35 MB/sec then the card is going to be deemed to be the problem.

Edit:  My problem with the drive communication was PEBCAK, although I still have a problem with other slow lines.  The question remains - did you try the same USB3 socket that you know works, or one adjacent to it?

You might try checking this out 

http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/usb-drive-or-flash-problems-how-to-cleanup-and-remove-old-usb-storage-drivers.145884/ I used it to straighten out my sister’s laptop after a cellphone messed u[ her USB stuff.


Thanks for the responses everyone.

ATM I am not going to do anything more since I cannot afford to lose access to my data while I am still working on a project. I’ll continue to use the drive on usb2.

Will let you know when I am ready again to try something new.