USB HDDs and Safepoints. Am I missing something?

I have a 2 TB USB HDD tethered to my 3 TB MyCloud. If I understand functionality correctly, this USB drive can be used to create safepoints for the MyCloud, and a safepoint is a backup of the files on MyCloud. Is this unusually high redundant protection? My original files ore on my computer, MyCloud has a good backup of the computer files that I choose, and the USB HDD backs up MyCloud

What do I lose if I use my tethered HDD to increase capacity of my backup system to 5 TB (Cloud + USB drive)?

If my assumptions are correct and I don’t need the additional third level of redundancy for my chosen computer files, how do I change my configuration to get the 5 TB capacity?


You don’t lose anything. If you’re keeping data on your pc, then you can just connect the external drive on to the My Cloud and use it for extra storage.

In order to use Safepoint, you need to go into the dashboard and turn it on. If you haven’t done that, then you can just connect the drive and it will show up in the My Cloud as another share that you can map if you want.

Thanks. That confirms my assumptions.