How do I add capacity via USB Hdd

I’ve determined that I don’t need the 3-level redundancy a forded by a safepoint on my tethered USB HDD.

How do I couple this tethered HDD to my Drive to add the extra capacity? (MyCloud = 3TB, USB drive = 2 TB. I want 5 TB).



Just attach the external USB hard drive to the USB port on the back of the My Cloud. The USB drive will be mounted/seen as a Share. You can then configure that Share through the Dashboard. If you want the Dashboard to reflect the attached USB drive free space in the total capacity then set USB Content Availability under Dashboard > Settings > General > Cloud Access to ON.

If you haven’t done so already you really should read the My Cloud User Manual ( It explains the attachment of a USB hard drive to the My Cloud for either extra storage space and for use as a Safepoint / Backup location.

If you use the USB drive as a Safepoint / Backup location or target, if that USB drive is larger than the content stored on the My Cloud then you can use that extra space for storage in addition to having the drive as a Safepoint / Backup target.

Read Bill_S’s answer to your other query:

In order to use Safepoint, you need to go into the dashboard and turn it on. If you haven’t done that, then you can just connect the drive and it will show up in the My Cloud as another share that you can map if you want.

Thanks to you both. I now have the configuration that I want and understand safepoints more fully. Bennor’s post got me on the right track, but one final step was needed. Turn “USB Content Availability” to ON.

I purchased the MyCloud hardware almost a year ago and didn’t find it to be very user friendly so was using it simply as additional storage. I decided to tackle learning the functionality more fully now and this forum has been a great help. I have read parts or the PDF User Manual but some parts didn’t ring until I got some additional specific helps like you have provided.

Thanks again.

Hi Bennor, can you confirm how I can “eject” the USB HDD after use? I’m getting a warning if I just switch it off.

You can “eject” the external USB hard drive through the My Cloud Dashboard USB icon:

Ah! Found it - yes! Just out of interest, when the HDD is connected, does the MyCloud device index it as well as itself?