Add more backup storage space to 6tb My Cloud

I have a 6 TB My Cloud I use for backup only using WD Smartware, and it is almost out of space. Can I add another device like another My Cloud or My Book to it through the USB plug and have it continue to backup onto the second device when the first My Cloud does fill up?

I have a Plex media server that I’m constantly adding my media library to it and the drives I’m storing them on are already marked for backup


Yes, the USB port on the back of a My Cloud can be used to attach a USB external hard drive to add extra storage space and or use as a backup location to backup the My Cloud contents. If you have not already done so you should read the My Cloud User Manual ( which explains how to add a USB hard drive (see Chapter 12) and use the other features of the My Cloud unit.

I had read it, but it doesn’t say if it will let me continue my existing backups on to it. I don’t want it as a separate drive where I have to choose it as a backup destination, because I won’t be able to pick and choose the new files added to be backed up. Those files are being added to drives already marked for backup.

When one attaches an external USB drive to a My Cloud, the My Cloud treats the entire USB drive as another Share. You cannot connect one My Cloud to another or even to a computer via USB port.

The Smartware software will not change the backup location to the USB drive attached to the My Cloud unless one manually configures the Smartware software to save to a different location.

Attaching a USB drive to the My Cloud will not affect Smartware or its backups.

Edit to add: If you find Smartware is filling the My Cloud one can change the Smartware settings to reduce the backup version value so the backup (should) take up less space. See the Smartware User Manual ( Chapter 8, Specifying the Number of Backup Versions, for more information on backup version and how to change the value.

Thanks for your replies, I was hoping it would continue to back up on to the USB attached drive with out configuring it.

Changing the backup value would help short term, but as I continue to add data to be backed up, it will still run out of space at some point.