Can you use 2 USB drives to backup My Cloud

I have a 3 TB My Cloud and want to use 2 existing external drives to create a safe point for MY Cloud.
Can you use a USB hub to connect the 2 drives and split the backup?

You may use USB hub to connect USB external drives with My Cloud but only one USB drive will be recognized if you connect two at same time. And Safepoint backup can’t be divide in two separate drives during safepoint creation.

There has been past discussion on using multiple USB drives with a single bay My Cloud. The single bay My Cloud (at least first gen v4.x model) will see multiple attached USB drives and treat each drive as a single individual Share. Some users, myself included, run into problems using more than four drives with one or more drives dropping its connection in the My Cloud. When using multiple drives, make sure to use a powered USB hub even if the external USB hard drives are themselves powered independently.

Here is some proof of multiple drives (mix of flash drives and USB hard drives) being attached to a v4.x single bay My Cloud.

The second image shows the Shares as they appear on the Dashboard Shares page. While it appears to list six, the seventh is barely seen at the bottom below the WD500GB Share entry.

Can you split the single Safepint backup so it is saved a crossed two USB hard drives? No. Doesn’t appear Safepoint gives one the option to span a large amount of data across two smaller USB hard drives. For example 2TB Safepoint saved to two 1TB USB hard drives. The USB hard drive target needs to be the same size or larger than the Safepoint backup.

What you can do is create two separate Safepoint entries and have a full Safepoint saved to each of the two USB hard drives.

Two USB 3.0 external hard drives attached to a unpowered SIIG USB 3.0 hub:

Current Safepoint that runs every day to the Toshiba USB hard drive:

Create a Safepoint screen showing two attached USB hard drives:

Second Safepoint created to the second USB hard drive:

In my case the Safepoint backup is less than 1TB there by fitting on a single 1TB USB hard drive.

Thanks all. It was as expected.

Hi, I have been trying to connect 2 units for a few years through a USB hub and when I get MYCLOUD to recognize them, I no longer have access to the control panel from the web browser or mobile applications, however, using windows explorer if I have access to the files, both to the usb and to MYCloud.
Have you followed any connection pattern?


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