Add a multi port powered usb hub to my cloud 6tb

can anyone recommend the parts i need if I were to expand my cloud 6tb
using a multi usb powered hub. I wish to add third party external drives and or internal drives using those two port sata hubs. Is this possible. I tried with an off the shelf multi port usb ports mean as a charging station by connecting a male to male usb cable from the charging station to the usb port of my cloud and another usb cable from the charger to the hd drive and nothing happens

Yes it is possible to add additional USB drives to the My Cloud USB port using a USB 3.0 hub. While the My Cloud User Manual indicates one can attach up to seven external USB drives quite a few of us have trouble using four or more USB drives. Use the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) to find past discussion on using multiple USB hard drives with the My Cloud.

It is suggested one use a power USB 3.0 hub. One can buy such a hub at Amazon or other online retailers or from local brick and mortar electronics stores.

One word of note. It is possible certain USB devices may not work properly with the My Cloud. There is no list of incompatible devices. Its trial and error. Make sure to format the external USB had drive in a format your My Cloud supports.