MY cloud 4TB

just purchased a mycloud 4TB, works good until i tried to add an USB 3.0 hub and connect to my other drives, Segate though …

Which 3.0 hub will work for MY CLOUD? will it work with USB 3.0 HUB?

I don’t know if USB hub would work.

But I even have problems with external USB drive directly connected. You have to make it public in order to access that

I really want to protect contect on external HDD, but it’s not possible to secure that with user authentication

According to the manual that is online the MyCloud can support up to 7 external drive devices; cameras, hard drives, USB thumbsticks, etc… it states it must be a powered USB hub supporting USB 3.0 or 2.0.

However, in some cases I am finding that certain manufacturers of powered USB hubs state they will not work with th WD MyCloud. This includes the Anker 7 and 9 port USB 3.0 hubs. 

Has anyone found a list of hubs that have been found to work? I would prefer to purchase 3.0 since this is the direction devices are going and the fact that the speeds are so much better. 

Thanks in advance.

I too am looking for a 3.0 USB hub that will work.  I can directly connect to the USB directly but tried a powered GWC  HU3641  3.0 Hub that did not work.

I have tried a Belkin Travel USB 2.0 4-Port Powered Hub and also a no name 2-port that came with my Raspberry Pi and neither of those worked. It sure would be nice if WD would stand behind their product a little more and give us a list of the ones they know to work. Especially since they must have tested some.

Yes, the manual clearly states that you can use a 3.0 USB Hub (powered) but I have yet to find one to work.  I am able to connect directly via USB on My Cloud a Seagate Device and 2 other WD devices.  Now if only we could get all connected at once with what is stated as supported … a USB 3.0 Hub.

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