USB Drives no longer show up as Network Drives

Hi All.

I have a WD Live  over a wired network. Since one of the recent Firmware upgrades (not sure which one has been a couple in the last month - and I am guessing that MAY have been a possible cause) a portable drive in either of the USB ports no longer shows up as a Network drive - as it did do previously. The Drives are fully visible to the WD Live and the WD Live can see other network shares on the Network, both PC’s and NAS. I have tried an assortment of different small and large drives but none of them show up. Any suggestions?



Did sharing get turned off on the WDTV?

Under the the Network Settings, I can only find the option to “Share WD Live” - which is turned on. Is there another place I should check?



I just performed several long overdue firmware updates and am now experiencing the same issue. The hard drives attached to the WD Live are no longer visible on the network…any thoughts?


I have searched to the best of my ability without finding a solution to this issue, any help would be much appreciated folks.

Check that the workgroup names are the same. The update may have changed the name on the WD Live ?


The updates changed the name from MSHOME to WORKGROUP, switched it back and its all good.

Thank you.