Upload limit?


I’m trying to upload a GoPro mp4 movie file from my iPad to my WD My Cloud 2T. The movie file is 1.7Gb in size. Every time the My Cloud app crashes during the upload between 600 and 700 MB.

I’m using an iPad 4 with the latest version of IOS 7 and My Cloud app version 3.1.0 The My Cloud itself has the latest firmware installed. I’m connected on the same WiFi network at home.

Is there a know issue when uploading larger files from mobile devices to My Cloud?



First WIFI a/b/g and even n is not a reliable link for big files transfer TOO SLOW.

Maybe with WIFI AC.

MyCloud app is a basic software made to easy connect to MyCLoud.

To increase your possibilities to transfer big files (and small) use FTP protocol.

Enable FTP on MyCloud dashboard and install a good ftp client app on your ipad (there are a lot free apps on store).

From your ftp client app you will be able to upload  and download files to Mycloud with more reliability (even stream them to your  device in LAN or WAN) 

Okay sammarbella thank you very much for your answer. I will give it a try. Maybe in this way the file names also remain the same. Using the WD apps all names are changed as well as the way they are sorted.

It works very well! I downloaded a special photo sync FTP app from the AppStore. Easy setup and the file names are also kept. Until WD My Cloud app gets more mature this will be my way of uploading images and video files from my iPad and iPhone.

Once again thank you very much for the solution.