Option to upload videos to WD MyCloud not there in iPad

Just got the wd mycloud 3tb.

I have successfully uploaded video from my iphone to the cloud device.

however, when I try to upload family videos from my wife’sipad, there is no option to upload to WD my cloud.

I can stream videos that are currently stored on the device (that were uploaded from a different source) with no problem from the same ipad.

The problem is that I cannot get existing video from the newly registered ipad under my wife’s accout to send the videos to the wd mycloud.

Its strange, I see options to send to faccebook, vimeo, etc. But unlike on my phone where I see the option to send to wdmycloud, it simply is not there.

Anyone else have this problem.the user is set up for full access. I have entered all of the necessary codes.



Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

What application are you using to upload the videos from your wife’s iPad , you can upload videos to the My Cloud unit using the WD photo application, this will upload the videos from your camera roll to the unit.

Hello and thank you for the reply it is working now after my wife updated the iOS version on her iPad. There may also have been a capacity issue on her device for the app. So we are in good shape now. I will mark this closed. (but am hitting some new issues that are separate.