Upload video via WD Photo app

How do I upload and then find my videos when I use the wd photo app? I seemed to have done the uploading part - I tapped the little camera icon on the device screen, then found & selected my videos from my photos, and they seemed to transfer. But when I go to the folders on my Cloud, I can’t fine the videos anywhere. I’m transferring from my iPhone, but I’m having the same issue with my iPad.

They will be in a folder under the public folder. The name of the folder will be the same as your iphone. Obviously you will not see them via the WD photos app as it only shows photos and nothing else. You need to use the WD mycloud app to see them or a computer.

I found them through my computer. And it’s really not obvious, since the wd photos app touts itself as an app for organizing photos and videos. I will download the mycloud app as well - I was just trying not to use multiple apps for the same thing. Thank you!

I think you will find its called WD Photo for a reason - it only does photos.