Steps to upload from iPad to MyCloud using WD Photos from different LAN

 I have a friend with an iPad who is in France at this time. She has the WD Photos app and the WD My Cloud app installed. The problem is that she has limited experience, so I’m trying to help her through email. Not only that, but I have Android mobile devices and a Windows computer. I have my MyCloud set up and have given her read/write permission for a folder/share named for her. She has managed to get some photos uploaded to that folder,but she is not sure how she did it. Uploading from my Android devices is quick and simple but the steps involved are apparently quite different on the iPad app compared to an Android device. Does anyone know where I can find step-by-step instructions on how she should go about uploading photos from her iPad to my MyCloud using the WD Photos app for iPad/iPhone?

Thanks to anyone who can offer help.

Hi there,

On the following link you will find different instructions and how to’s that might help you out:

Hope this helps out.

Yeah, thanks but that’s just the url of their so-called Learning Center where the only help they offer is on subjects no one needs to ask about anyway.