Upgrading storage space on ex4?

hi i have an ex4 that has 3tb drives installed and with the new wd red 6tb drives out i might want to upgrde my storage space.how do i do this,do i just take one 3tb drive out at a time and replace it with a 6tb(allowing for auto rebuild of course)and do that with every drive bay.

I’m assuming you have 4 x 3 tb in Raid 5?

My experience: trying this exact same thing my NAS freaked out on disk 3. It lost the entire RAID 5 array. I was able to recover it but it took a while, and I had no help from Tech Support. If that happens, let us know.

To reduce the likelihood of the above happening, I think it might be prudent to reboot your NAS after each new drive has joined the array.

Also, I could be wrong, but I think in the current version of the NAS you can’t expand a volume. So once you have the 4 x 6 tb’s in place and hosting your 9 TB’s of RAID 5 storage, you’ll need to create a second volume.

Personally, I’d avoid the above if I can.

If you have some other spare storage backup, start over, and put the data back.

Or if you have a pc with 4 Sata ports that can boot to USB, I would be setting up your existing 4 x 3 tb drives in it, then boot to a usb stick with linux live distro (google unetbootin - or if its ddrescue the process is a bit different), then setup your new 4 x 6 tb array in the NAS and copy the data over the network. It will take you far less time. Be far less likely to fail and if something does go wrong you’ll still have backups of your data.

It would be a pretty common scenario for most owners.  When I get my first RAID 5 failure, I will replace with Red disks of the next size up, and retire the remainder of the array to local backup duty.

It would be nice to have this capability to do a seemless upgrade by replacing a single unit progressively over time.  The BIG advantage of this approach, other than convenience, is that your unit will continue to function during the upgrade.

it’d be real nice if the raid array could grow as more space became available.

mdadm can do it - though maybe not the version on the ex4.


i’m tempted to try it out :slight_smile:

I believe it is an option under Volumes - the new firmware allows you to grow the volume specifically by adding a drive with larger capacity…

YMMV - I haven’t tried it out.