EX-4100 RAID-5 Storage Increase

I have recently ordered diskless EX-4100 to use at home for video storage purposes. I’m planning to insert 4x2TB HDDs (which I already have) with RAID-5 configuraton.

My question is, in the future I would like to upgrade disks to 4x6TB (with RAID-5). Is it possible to do this upgrade without losing any data?

Some other NAS support pages say that it’s possible in case each disk is inserted one by one and after the latest one, a volume resize resolves the issue.

But I haven’t seen anything at support pages of EX-4100 about this.



Once you have the drives that you are going to put on the unit, my recommendation is to create a backup on a different device and then replace the drive.

If you start replacing the drive one by one and letting the unit to rebuild the RAID, it will take to long and is a risky procedure.

Hi ERmorel,

Thank you for your response.

I will try to backup as much as I can (I’m afraid if 6GB is full then it may not be possible to backup all). Is there anyone that has tried upgrading RAID-5 capacity on EX4100 with this method?