Upgrading from EX2 to EX2 Ultra

Good afternoon all, My EX 2 has failed, suspected power board issue. I have bought a new diskless EX 2 Ultra and I am looking for help/advice on the following;

When I take my old 3TB drives out of the EX and put them into the new EX 2 Ultra, will it wipe the drives on me?

Can I not just set up the EX 2 Ultra diskless and then place the drives into it after setup?

Do I need to use a third SATA drive in the new EX 2 Ultra in order to safeguard my data? i.e. place a new drive in first, then on of the old drives…keeping the other as a reserve?

Should I be safe and use two new drives and use a SATA interface through the USB once I have the EX 2 Ultra already set up.

I cannot loose the data on the existing 2 drives so any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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You will get a message about “Raid Roaming”; which is what you are doing. Once you say “yes”, then it should just work.

not sure. . but I think bringing in a roaming volume will mess up the previous settings. So. . .not sure that buys you anything

no. But see below


If you are being really careful. . I recommend;

  1. Attach one drive to a USB enclosure and hookup to a PC

  2. Using appropriate software that can read a Linux EXT4 formatted disk, copy all the data to a Third drive (like, a USB external drive)

  3. Once your data is secured on an external drive. . .then pop the old EX2 disks into the new EX2 ultra

  4. If you want to play. . .pop a SINGLE EX2 disk into the ultra. Say “yes” to raid roaming. (not sure this step will work. . may need both disks)

  5. With one disk installed, pop in a blank disk into the second slot. . and let the system rebuild the raid array (never tried this).