Upgrading Drives PR4100

So I recently purchased a PR4100 and am upgrading all four of the drives to bigger capacity. Was not really clear on the steps to take to do so in the user manual so Im just going doing what I think is correct.

I went to the Storage Tab on the drive interface and chose RAID and click on an option to add or expand and started that process. It said to wait till the first drive to replace turned red and pull that drive, which I did. I left since it said it was going to take a long time and when I came back the second drive bay was lit red so I pulled that and put the new drive in. I am assuming this is all correct and it will do the same for all four drives.

My question is after it does that whats the next step? Currently I see a toggle switch that reads Auto-Rebuild and says something to the effect of rebuilding the raid after adding or changing drives its currently set to off should I flip that switch to on once it finishes going through and updating to the new drives or not ?

I guess Im looking for what exactly is the proper procedure for upgrading to bigger capacity drives!

Thanks in advance !

If the unit is rebuilding then the process should still be active. However, it can take awhile.

If you’d like to be certain I’d recommend contacting WD Support about this. You can do so over the phone or via E-mail.

Its currently verifying the raid parity … Im just curious if there is anything that needs to be done after its done doing whatever its been doing for the last 24 hours ?

It finished and the answer is no nothing else needs to be done

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Yep. More or less the timeframe I had in mind.

where can I find this I don’t see it at all I’m trying to upgrade my drives from 2TB per bay to 6 TB I got the 4 WD RED 6 TB drives but I don’t know where to start.

Did you call support and did they confirm that you can extend an existing RAID5 with 4x2TB drives to a RAID5 with 4x6TB drives?
AFAIK, the outdated version of e2fsprogs prevents resizing an existing ext4 filesystem above 16TB.

why is not possible to do so or is it not allowed by WD to do so?

My PR4100 has e2fsprogs v1.42 … and I’m not in the mood for 100 hour downtime to test this, but WD support should be able to confirm.