Upgrading my PR4100 from 4x2TB to 4x4TB

I have the PR4100 with 4x2TB and I just purchased 4x4TB WD RED drives, (WDBMMA0040HNC-NRSN) in order to upgrade my available space. I cannot seem to find any type of walkthrough or step by step guide for the upgrade. I have data on the current drives that I want to migrate over to the new drives. Can I use the auto rebuild and install the drives one at a time. Install new #1 4TB drive > auto rebuild > #2 4TB drive > auto rebuild #3 4TB drive > auto rebuild > #4 4TB drive > auto rebuild?

Can you help?

Thank you in advance.

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Yes, you can auto rebuild the drives to upgrade the capacity but it will limits the capacity of new drives into 2TB. It is recommended to take a data on third device and then copy in order to save the remaining storage capacity.

Thank you for your answer.

I think Im understanding your reply. Once all 2TB drives have been replaced with 4TB drives the RAID will still only use/see 2TB per drive?

not at all, I upgraded from 4x4 to 4x8tb but I was in raid 5 mode
in your Dashboard, click on your Storage/raid/change raid mode/Expand raid
The Dashboard will prompt you to change the hdd with the red light on your pr4100
you remove the hdd from the nas , and put the bigger one in it’s place…
depending on your data size, a few hours later, the Dashboard will promp you to change a second HDD with red light to the new bigger HDD. so on and so forth …4 times
my migration took like 48 hours to finish, and it is all simple walk through
At the end, the NAS rebuilds the raid erray, and you will see the NEW capacity raid config appear in your dashboard
Do not stare at your NAS all night long :slight_smile: if it finishes one drive, and asks to change the other drive, it can wait, and doesn’t risk your build
ie: I left it do the upgrade, and checked from time to time to see if a new red light appeared. When I saw a new red light, I swapped the hdd’s

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@jirages wish you had gotten to me a few days ago. I ended up buying a PR4100 shell and placed the new drives I bought in it. Transferred the data over and will sell the old one once complete.

Did the data migrate correctly?

penny wise dollar reckless, ain’t we all similar
next thing you know you’re going to upgrade to 4x8tb (ask me how I know)
data migrated perfectly
I had 7200rpm disks and thus noisy, I got a deal from US ebay on WD easystore 8tb @ 129 each
so bought 4, threw the enclosures, and was left with 4x8tb @ 5400rpm red NAS hdd’s without the noisy intellipark
PR4100 is now ultra silent AND NOT HOT, temps are really down by 6 to 8*celcius
my best regards from Paris France

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@jirages definitely penny wise and pound reckless… I like my toys :slight_smile:

LOL plans are already in place to go to 4x8TB, you are wise beyond your years. Now that I know the system will support a somewhat seamless transition drive by drive.

Thank you from across the pond in STL Missouri USA

I myself just upgraded from 4 of the 4tb to 4 of the 8tb. Raid 5 config. After formatting, I was at a total of 23.8TB of space. Using 2 of the other 4 Red drives I just took out as back ups and the other 2 are going in my desktop tower for media storage.

You answered a question I couldn’t get an answer to, on and off for about 2 years. I maxed out the 4 X 2 about 2 years ago, and have been trying to figure out how to upgrade.
It might be nice if WD had this in their documentation…anywhere?
Even “uncle google” couldn’t find your answer. Maybe WD should have you write their user manual?
:slight_smile: Thanks.

my pleasure

I was able to successfully replace 4 X 2TB with 4 X 10TB, exactly as suggested. Did it over a 2 day period, but went EXACTLY as described. Got worried on the “checking parity” part, but it eventually finished.
Thanks for the help!

WD did “publish” the instructions: