Upgrade problem in SmartWare I can't select backup!

I just upgraded to 1.6.4 software for my 1.8TB My Live backup drive. When I launch the program, The directions so to click the Settings tab and set backup paramters such as file copy and the continuos backup should resume. However, I have done just this and the tabs for Backup & Retrieve will not highlight for me to be able to click and use these features.

What have I done wrong?

Just click the WD drive in home tab.

It all comes back to me now as I treied this once before.

I went back on to Smartware and see there is a little padlock on my drive. I am supposed to click on it to unlock. When I do, it asks for a name and password. How do I get around this?

that would be the user name and password you created in shares

I don’t think I ever created a user name and password on the original install.

Funny thing is I uninstalled 1.6 and reinsatlled 1.5 and I was never asked for a user or password. Any other solutions?


You should stick to 1.5

I plan on sticking with 1.5 if I don’t get some help on this. The problem I have on one of my PCs is that if I leave Smartware in auto backup mode, it would start to hog my memory so much that I have to  shut down the PC every few hours. I thought I would have to reformat and reinstall windows but I stumbled upon some of my files not backed up before the reinstall so I upgraded to 1.6 and my memory woes were erased. Now I have gone back to 1.5 and don’t have the same problem… yet!!!