Upgrade HDDs for Mycloud Ext 2 8Tb

Which HDDs can I use to expand/upgrade storage capacity for my MyCkoud Ext 2 *Tb (2 x 4TB in Raid 1)?

Hi @art2work4,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

The bot strikes again.

You know, this forum would be MUCH better if WD posted actual useful information that is EASY to find for someone who is knowledgeable in these systems.

There used to be a HDD compatibility list, but I couldn’t find it in a 2 minute search. I did find this color guide: WD Hard Drive Color Codes: Black, Blue, Green, and Red | Western Digital

In general, in the WD world, the “Red”, “Red Plus” and “Red Pro” lines are advertised as their “NAS” HDD’s (Rated for 24/7/365 use).

At this point, I would AVOID the “RED” line; as a number of the smaller drives use SMR technology (which many view as unfit for any purpose: Cheaper to make; general savings not passed to consumer)

The “Red Plus” and “Red Pro” drives should all work fine. (the Red Plus are 5400rpm disks; the Red Pro are 7200rpm disks - - -not sure that you would tell the difference for file access across a 1GB network)

For a WD NAS; I wouldn’t hesitate to buy Red Plus or Red Pro drives.

There are other choices from other vendors. . .

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Hi thanks for your useful answer. That is more that I got from WD, even after opening a Support Case …

Yes I did open a support case. (ref. 221123-004388) In the confirmation email to me it is stated that WD will auto-close my case 72 hrs after they sent the confirmation.
However WD never replied to my questions !!!

what a load of ■■■■

see here My Cloud Home: Hard Drive Compatibility

So that link is for the MyCloud Home; which is an abomination of a device that runs different software.

There are similar pages for the other NAS units; but they only state what the units were originally sold with (or are sold with today). Those drives should all work. Can’t say for certain regarding larger drives or for non-WD drives.

(I recently bought new drives. . .but given the amount of money invested in the drives; I bought a new box to go with the drives)