MyCloud EX2-Drive Recommdations?

I have a WD MyCloud Ex2 Ultra running Raid 1 with 2 6TB WD RED Pro drives. Drive 1 failed today and is rebuilding just fine. I’ve done this before, all good there. I wanted to know if I can upgrade to larger drives and what the max is for this model? Also, this is the 2nd WD RED Pro that has failed in a year, so I’m wondering if I should look at another WD drive. I see they have Gold Enterprise but it doesn’t seem rated for Heavy Duty use. In my solution of RAID with 6TB of space available, I’m about 1/2 full now, so still lots of breathing room, but since I’ve got to restock my ‘backup’ drives I keep in the closet, wondered if I should think about bigger overall.

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OS5 My Cloud EX Series

Per the product data sheet for the EX2 Ultra, it lists up to 20TB so likely one can use drives up to 20TB in capacity. See the My Cloud Hard Drive Compatibility Matrix (link below) which indicates drives up to 22TB for the EX2 Ultra.

Using the forum search (magnifying glass icon top right) may yield additional past discussions like the following:

WD has the following “recommended” hard drive knowledge base article listing WD drives up to 22TB for the EX2 Ultra:

My Cloud Hard Drive Compatibility Matrix

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Avoid the 2-6TB WD standard red drives as their SMR is not suitable for NAS use. The 8-14TB Red Plus drives are fine, indeed, probably the best mid-price HDDs for your NAS.


Thanks. Great info and I appreciate it!