Max capacity of MyClod EX2

Evening all. I have a diskless MyCloud EX2 currently running 2x4TB Red drives. Unfortunately, the drives are almost full so I bought 2 x10TB Red drives. It occurred to me to check that these will work with my MyCloudEX2 as I couldn’t find any info in the internet (or this forum) regarding 2x10TB drives. Thanks in advance.

As My Cloud EX2 comes in 12TB, maximum storage capacity. So 2x10TB drives can’t be used with it. However, 2 x6TB drives can be used.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I know that 2x6TB is the maximum they sold in the EX2.
But many times manufacturers will sell a product with parts that don’t reflect the maximum capacity but rather where they chose to position the product until they revise the lineup (the Ultra, in this case). Users of the EX2 have confirmed that 2x8TB work in the EX, so I wondered if anybody actually knew for sure (through using) if the capacity is any higher than this.

Well, the drives arrived today. I installed them in my MyCloud EX2 (non-Ultra) and got red lights on both drive LEDs. Not sure if that’s normal, because the drives were fresh, unpartitioned and unformatted(?) Anyway I went ahead and set them up as a RAID 1 array and the drives were partitioned and formated and… Two blue lights! The array is showing up as 10 TB. I’ll play some more with the system over the next few days but my initial thought is, yes, the MyCloud EX2 can handle 2x10TB drives!

Above post by WD is for the wrong drive (ex2 Ultra, not EX2)

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Just wanted to ask about the status now?? I want to buy the same and your feedback would be great.

The drives are workling fine in the NAS for local connections but the external NAS connections (MyCloud x 3, MyCloud Mirror and MyCloud EX2 at differebt locations) have become totally unreliable over the last 6 months which makes me think in something to do at Western Digital’s end. If you have a choice, get a Synology or a QNAP, not a MyCloud.