My Cloud EX2 6TB (2x3TB) - One Drive Failed - Replace Drive or Upgrade

I have a My Cloud EX2 6TB (2x3TB) and one of the drives failed. I see that this model is no longer supported. So, I am wondering if I should get a replacement 3TB drive and keep using it or if it’s time to upgrade to the new EX2 Ultra or another backup solution? My initial thought was to just get a replacement drive. However, if that will be a hassle, it may be time to upgrade? Thoughts? I’d love any recommendations you have.

If the storage capacity of your current EX2 is sufficient for your needs, I’d just replace the drive. If you need more storage, the EX2 supports 2 x 10TB WD red drives. I see no reason to move to the EX2 ultra.